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Setting the Stage For Your Wedding... It's Not Magic.

Updated: Jun 26

Welcome to the CRIÚ Event & Winery Staffing Blog offering tips & tricks from the pros for your Wedding or Event.

Hello! Welcome to CRIÚ Event & Winery Staffing.

It’s your wedding day, finally! Today it all comes together, just as you planned. As your guests arrive

at your venue there are nothing but “oohs” and “ahhs” as they enter this wonderland you’ve created

to share with them. The tables are set, the décor is down, music is playing, and flowers galore are

everywhere – it’s pure enchantment. But, how did this venue become so enchanting? Just a few days

ago it was perhaps an old barn on a working cattle ranch, or an abandoned surfboard shed on the beach, maybe even an airplane hangar. But today? Voila! Perfection.

Now, we all know this didn’t just happen. An incredible amount of time, effort, people power, and

money has gone into creating the perfect setting for your most perfect day, a day you’ve waited so long for.

But for you the hard part is done. You’ve hired all your vendors, selected music, flowers, food and

drink. Rentals have been delivered, flowers have been placed, the Chef is in the kitchen, and the wedding party is safely tucked away getting ready for the big event. So, now what? With just hours to spare, this is where Criú comes in!

First, the Muscle Team. They show up early and ready to do the heavy lifting, setting up tables and

chairs, bars, lounge furniture, then discreetly stashing away carts, boxes, and dollies.

Next, table setting. Following the layout provided, our servers go to work carefully setting each and

every table to perfection. Sticking to a precise timeline, we make certain that everything is ready for

cocktail hour; the bar is stocked, the apps are being warmed, and our team is standing by.

From this point on it’s dinner service, bartending, dessert, champagne pouring, and all the while

clearing tables, dishwashing, emptying trash, and assisting wherever needed.

As the reception starts slowing down (and it will, I promise), we are quietly returning the dishes to their

bins, glasses to racks, shutting down the kitchen and bars, and returning the venue to its original

condition. Oh, and cue the Muscle Team! They are back and ready to fold, stack, and prep all the rentals for pick up. And that’s what Criú can do for you.

Now, you could ask family and friends to help instead of hiring a Criú. There may be a friend of a friend who has a neighbor or “knows a guy” - but why? Let your guests enjoy your day and leave the rest to us.

Professional, affordable, licensed, and certified, our Criú is your wedding day team.

No, it’s not magic, but your guests will never know! Criú Event and Winery Staffing.

Leading with Love since 2018

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